War in Etlain

Goblins and Hobgoblins and Gnolls, Oh My!

Ranulf calls out to the Fort, only to have more arrows fly out of the dark. Our group rushes in and Zi Zuu and Ranulf fly up to the wall. There, they begin to shoot the gnolls on the wall. Vickli, Cunning Jack, and the Warforged rush in through the gate. Jack hands the Warforged a bomb which he promptly throws into a large bonfire. The fire explodes covering the gnolls around it in fire. Vickli and the Warforged rush forward to engage to gnolls that have noticed them. Jack blasts any bit of gnoll that he can see while teleporting here and there. After a while, the last gnoll falls and they continue on around to the front side of the fort. They can hear what sounds like battle on the other side of the citadel. Our group sees the biggest bonfire yet and a large group of gnolls in a frenzy around it. Once again, Zi Zuu and Ranulf cause utter chaos in the ranks of the gnolls. The Warforged chucks another bomb into the fire sending flames and embers everywhere. The majority of the gnolls are caught in the fire and cannot find their way out. Vickli rushes in and smashes any gnolls that has climbed out of the fire back in with his shield. The largest gnoll rushes forward swinging his two-headed flail. He comes in swinging and nearly crushes Ranulf with one of the heads. The Warforged crashes into the gnoll and slashes him with his sword. The two continue battling it out while Zi Zuu, Ranulf and Jack take pot shots at the gnoll. Vickli is still smashes gnolls back into the fire. Eventually, the giant gnoll is brought down. Our group goes to see what is happening on the other side of the citadel to find that the last few gnolls are being killed by the Nardian garrison. Ranulf talks with the commander and then the group heads to Felix to tell him what has happened. After being detailed, Felix tells them the new mission and our group prepares to head back to the caves.

My oh my...

Our group has defeated the man in robes and begins to search the premises. Ranulf finds the leaders room and looks under his bed whereupon a hand jumps out on to his face. Zi Zuu attempts to shoot the hand and instead shoots Ranulf in the face. Cunning Jack calls to the hand and it jumps onto his arm. Cunning Jack was captured by the cultists and has now decided to join our group of adventurers. The group finishes up looking for loot and information and heads on out of the cave. They decide to go talk to the Count of Drummar and head back to Drummar. Once there they talk to the mine foreman who suggests they talk to the Count. Our group arrives in the Count’s throne room. There, they are questioned by the count and all seems like it is going well until the Count recognizes Ranulf as the man who broke into the house the other night. The count orders them to be thrown into prizon. Zi zuu instantly casts a whirlwind and Ranulf calls hands of the dead to restrain his foes. Cunning Jack blasts the Count so he falls unconscious and Vickli rushes forward to grab the Count. They tell the soldiers to stand down and they slowly back away. The Warforged bars the door. Ranulf decides to take the count to his room and has the guards lead them there. Once there, Vickli lays the Count on the bed. Ranulf tells the guard to call for the physician. They wait until he gets there. He checks on the Count and he seems to be okay. Cunning Jack and Ranulf use ghost sounds to make it sound like the Count is releasing them rather than putting them in the dungeon. They are put in a hotel to wait until the Count is recovered. Of course, our group is going to break out of the hotel because they are PC’s. The poor NPC’s will never be able to keep them locked up. Anyway, our group heads out of the town and reach the entrance of The Caves. Just a few more steps and they will arrive safe in Fort Gundab. As they approach the fort, they see figures on the walls that they can’t make out. As they approach, they hear sounds that are obviously not human. What has happened to the fort? What will our heroes do? Find out NEXT TIME!

Where did all of these zombies come from?

Our group gets up and decide to try to figure out where the zombies came from. They question the people in the house and deduce that they most likely came from the mines. They set out to talk to the foreman of the mine to see if he could offer any insight into this mess. They arrive at the mining headquarters and are issued in. They question the foreman and discover almost exactly the same information out that they did from the citizens. The foreman; however, stated that no one made it out of the mine from the initial attack. Our adventurers head into the cave and begin their search for these monstrosities. They search in the central mining shaft but find no evidence of the zombies. They decide to head into the cave system and follow a path that they had not previously explored. They follow zombie tracks to what seems like a dead end. After much discussion of the next course of action, Ranulf casts unlock on the door and it rolls open. They enter and head down the tunnel to the left. They come across a small group of zombies which they proceed to dispatch. They then decide to continue along the path and before them they see a decently large cavern. They see two people in robes sitting at a table. They are too far away for them to hear what they are saying. Zi Zuu rushes into the room and challenges the two in the robes. They begin exchanging thunder and necrotic energy. Ranulf and the rest rush in right as two zombies stand up in the room. Vickli smashes into one zombie and the Warforged and Ranulf rush to aid Zi Zuu, who has taken quite a bit of damage. Ranulf knocks one of the robed figures to the ground and Zi Zuu continues to fight with the other. The Warforged and Vickli keep the zombies at bay while the casters duke it out. Finally, the two people in robes fall to the ground and with them, the zombies crash to the ground. Our group mends their wounds and dons the robes of the men they just fought. They then proceed into the next room where they can hear someone talking. They see a group of men in the robes looking at another man in robes who is standing in front of an altar and addressing the men in front of him. Our group rushes in and a large cloud of “stank”, as Ranulf describes it, descends on the men. Zi Zuu shoots lighting and wind at them and Vickli and the Warforged bellow and rush in. Within seconds, most of the men in robes now lie dead. The leader is covered by the cloud and he vanishes from site. After a while, Ranulf and the others wonder where he is. Eventually they realize that the cloud was covering a trapdoor behind the altar. They head down it and find another tunnel heading off. They head down it and once again, come to a large room. They enter it and spy a door to their left and they head to it. They open the door and as they do, they are ambushed from the shadows. A zone of necrotic energy appears under the Warforged and Vickli which makes them unable to move. Zi Zuu and Ranulf attempt to shoot the robed man but barely graze him as he dodges into the smoke being emitted by vents in the floor. Much lighting and necrotic energy raced around that room, while Ranulf continually tried to limit the robed man’s movement. Vickli continued to be stuck in the zone but the Warforged managed to break free and raced towards the leader. Before the leader could slip into the smoke, the Warforged let out a bellow and brought his hammer down on the leaders head. He fell with a crash and the steam began to dissipate.

Out the Window and Onto the Roof

Zi Zuu leaps out the window and lands in the middle of the street. He looks around for any sign of the girl. Unfortunately, Zi Zuu sees no sign of the girl and sees one too many zombies coming towards him. Inside the house, Ranulf and Vickli hear noises above them on the roof. Ranulf shouts down to Zi Zuu that the girl might be on the roof. Zi Zuu leaps up and lands on top of the roof, where he sees two zombies hunched over a shape. Ranulf asks the Warforged if he could give him a boost up to the roof. Once up there he rushes over to help Zi Zuu deal with the zombies. The Warforged climbs up after the casters and rushes over right as both zombies fall to their crunchy deaths. The girl is safe and the Warforged picks up the girl and climbs back in through the window. Our adventurers decide to stake it out in the house for the night and they settle into a slumber.

Evil Walks Again

As our adventurers rush back towards the mine, they see through the dense fog shapes moving towards them. Fearing contact with anyone from the town, they change direction and go down one more block. Oddly, they see shapes that are very similar to the ones they just saw previously. Zi Zuu tells Ranulf to make a copy of the map and the group prepares to meet the shapes. As they grow closer, the shapes become more visible to the horror of our adventurers for the shapes are zombies. These shambling masses continue forward as Zi Zuu sends lighting shooting amongst them. Ranulf finishes copying the map and the group charges into the zombies bowling them over left and right. They continue on and Ranulf runs ahead into the intersection. Suddenly he is hit by a shape that has swooped down out of the fog. Ranulf is almost knocked over as a zombie continues to try to tear the flesh from Ranulf’s bones. Vickli and the Warforged rush in and bash the zombie away from Ranulf. The zombie flaps its wings and flies into the fog and disappears. The adventurers decide to find a house to stay in for the night. They find a two story house and enter it. They find the downstairs has been ransacked and shuffling coming from upstairs. The group heads upstairs and begin searching rooms for anyone left in the house. They have the Warforged smash the stairs so nothing can follow them up. They kill three zombies they find in two of the rooms and continue to the next. Zi Zuu opens a door and sees two zombies, he then opens the door across the hall and kills the zombie in that room. However, he was not very efficient in the killing and alerted the zombies in the other room with the open door. Vickli was the unlucky person that happened to be in the doorway preparing to attack the zombies. They rush him and he keeps his shield up and prepares to strike back. Ranulf and Vickli kill one zombie and two more burst out of the rooms down the hall and the Warforged charges at them. Ranulf focuses on one of the zombies down the hall and Zi Zuu continues launching lightning at them. Vickli takes two hits in a row and is stunned. Ranulf and Zi Zuu immediately begin to focus on the zombie attacking Vickli. They manage to kill it before it can kill Vickli. They continue attacking the other zombies and Vickli charges into a zombie and smashes it out the window with his shield. Ranulf and the Warforged dismember the final zombie. During the fight Zi Zuu opens a door and finds the last survivors of the house. He told them to stay in the room until they cleared the house. Two of the survivors rush out of the room frantic. Zombies had grabbed Adrena from the window and flew off.

Do You Have to Steal From Every House You See?

Our “heroic” group of adventurers had successfully entered the city of Drummar and stalked the empty streets. They searched for a house that looked like it would have lots of loot in it and after a while, they came across what looked like a likely target. Zi Zuu and Ranulf leaped over the hedge wall and Zi Zuu opened the gate for Vickli and the Warforged. Ranulf unlocked the door and he and Zi Zuu entered the house while Vickli and the Warforged stood guard outside. Inside, they found the household silver and they stuffed as much of it as they could in their pockets and put the rest on the table to give the Warforged to carry. They then continued upstairs and searched some more rooms discovering the child’s room as well as the parents’ room. Zi Zuu collected a map of the city and then headed back outside to wait for Ranulf. Unfortunately, Ranulf had thought up a “brilliant” plan that included kidnapping the child for ransom. To do this, he decided he needed to tie up the parents and began to place rope over them in the hopes of tying them to their bed. However, as he is not the most stealthy of wizards he jarred their bed as he crawled underneath it with the rope. Upon being woken up, the husband attempted to punch Ranulf but couldn’t quite reach him. Ranulf tried to reason with the man and claim that he was a “Supernatural Investigator” that had tracked a poltergeist to his home. Oddly, this stunt failsed to work much to Ranulf’s dismay. The man rushed out of the room and Ranulf climbed out from under the bed. He ran into the hallway to look for the man to no avail. As he passed the child’s room he heard the mother calming her child and had a horrible idea. A wickedly, awfully, horrible idea. He sprang into the room and prepared to hold the wife and child hostage. Unfortunately Ranulf acted too slowly, and the husband returned wielding a sword and attempting to separate Ranulf’s head from his shoulders. Luckily for Ranulf, this man was clumsy with a blade and missed him while burying the sword deep into the wood. Once again, the statistics are not with Ranulf and upon attempting to jump out the window he stumbles and falls on the floor. Fortunately, Ranulf uses the brief moment granted by the still struggle man to freezes both the man and woman to the floor and jump out of the window. Fearing injury, he cast feather fall and then headed over to the rest of the group who had been wondering just what Ranulf had gotten himself into this time. As they viewed him falling from the second floor after crashing through a window the decision to beat a hasty retreat was quickly made. They all agreed to head back to the mines for safety, but will the mines actually provide the safety that they seek?

Under the Mountains and Through the Mines, to Drummar We Go

As our group enters the cave, they are forced to decide which path they will take. Now, you must keep in mind that I, as the DM, expected them to go exploring since that is their usual reaction when they enter a new area. Which is why I was surprised when they decided to take the longest path but the one that didn’t have any passages that ran off of it. They continued down this path and entered into the mine through the far right passage. As they enter they can see that this mine is enormous. They cannot see the other side or even see the bottom of the central mine shaft. They follow a wooden deck that leads away to their left. It ends as the central shaft continues around to their right. Judging from what they have seen, the central shaft is somewhat square in shape. Zi Zuu sets a torch on the wooden planks in the hopes that it will catch on fire. He ends up leaving it there and it slowly but surely sets the planking on fire. The group turns to their right and follows the path along the edge of the shaft or as we called it, the pit. They continue walking for quite a while when they are suddenly ambushed from the shadows. A small skirmish ensues and by the end, and seven miners lay on the ground dead. The group searches the bodies but doesn’t find anything of interest; however, Ranulf takes a whip that one of the men was carrying. Once more, they trudge along looking for a way out of the mine. They follow the path and they eventually see a tunnel leading off of the mine which they follow out and come to an opening of the mine. Before them lies a small amount of flat land which leads to the city. They decide to go and explore the city in hopes that they will find either information or loot.

Into the Deeps

At the fort, Ranulf finds a map that seems to detail a way to get from the fort to Drummar by way of caves. He also found some papers detailing troop numbers and supplies in the fort. He then was directed to a building that turned out to be the forts jail. He talks with a halfling named Brufus O’Clairey who is being jailed for being a thief. Ranulf decides to give Brufus a lockpick to see if he really is good at getting out of sticky situations. Also, there was a dwarf in jail. Ranulf attempts to speak with the dwarf to no avail. It seems the dwarf was not too happy about being jailed and didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Ranulf decides to leave the dwarf and heads back to talk to Commander Curly, who is in charge of restoring the fort, and then heads back to Pancia to talk to Felix. Once there, he discusses the events that have happened and Felix tells him that he needs him to go to the cave system and scout it out. He also informs him that he will be joined by a sorcerer named Zi Zuu and his dwarf partner Vickli. Felix says that they weren’t sure where Vickli was, they heard rumors that he had been captured and imprisoned in Fort Gundab. He asks Ranulf if he saw Vickli in the fort and Ranulf states that he had. With his mission acquired, Ranulf and Zi Zuu head back to the fort. There they see Vickli and the Warforged talking. Ranulf asks the Warforged if he wants to join him and he says, “Might as well, got nothin’ better to do.” Together, our group heads out and enters into the caves. Who knows what they will encounter in these dark depths. It will likely be…MINERS!!! Dunh dunh DUNH!

Can we kill stuff now?

With the resistance cowed from the capture of its leaders, the group is sent on another task of greater importance. They are instructed to take a force and take a fort that guards the pass of Hadod as well as the mining city of Drummar. If they can capture this fort then it will allow for safer transportation of supplies and troops. Also it will allow the Nardians to assault Drummar which is the primary source of metal for the Galcion army. With this city under Narda’s control, Galcion will be hard pressed to continue the fight. Our group gathers their supplies and heads out with a contingent of troops. Once they arrive, they realize why this fort is going to be difficult to assault. It is in the mountains and has a winding path which maximizes the distance that the archers can shoot at any invaders. The walls are thirty feet high and the fort is surrounded by rock walls. Wyatt and Ranulf decide to go do some exploring and Ranulf ends up finding nothing. Wyatt discovers a ledge and suggests feather falling into the fort again and then opening up the gate for the army. Ranulf and Aaron agree and they inform their army of their plan. With all of their plans ready, the group sets up the mountain. They reach the ledge and group up. Wyatt picks them all up and leaps of the edge. Ranulf casts a fireball in the middle of a large building complex and then casts feather fall. They land safely inside the fort as all havoc has broken loose. Soldiers are trying to put out the fire that is quickly spreading and at first don’t notice our group. They begin to notice the intruder when Ranulf lures some of the men to jump off the wall to their deaths. Wyatt charges up the wall and continues barreling towards the panicked guards. Ranulf follows him up and continues to trick men into jumping to their deaths. Wyatt reaches the first guard and charges into him, bowling him over and knocking him of the wall. They continue doing this until they finally reach the gate. Meanwhile, Thorn has been keeping two soldiers busy that were trying to get to the wall stairs. Ranulf and Wyatt open the gate and soon hundreds of troops are pouring in behind the Warforged. The guards clash with the invaders and many lives are lost. The Warforged slices through guard after guard as Wyatt and Ranulf continue to wreak havoc upon the enemy. Thorn continues to hold off a small group of soldiers by himself and only leaves when he has to go heal Wyatt, who took several arrows to the torso. Through much struggle, the invaders finish off the last of the guards. They have taken the fort.

After the battle has subsided, Thorn declares his intent to leave our group because he feels that he is not being payed enough. The group bids him fair well and they all breathe a sigh of relief that the crazy murderous paladin has left.

We could have finished this an hour ago.
You are the WORST agent ever.

Ranulf has finished helping move supplies for the resistance and now is tasked with delivering a letter. Ranulf sets off and halfway there he opens the letter and reads it. He then makes a copy of the letter and seals the letter back up. He then continues to the market place to try and deliver the letter. Unfortunately, Ranulf forgets part of the instructions and ends up just irritating the shopkeeper he is supposed to deliver the letter to. Ranulf is forced to return to his boss where he is soundly scolded and told the instructions once again. He returns to the shop and fulfills his duty. Once done, he returns to the citadel.

I’m a Lawful Good Paladin.

Meanwhile, Thorn and Wyatt have been out scouring the streets. After wandering around on their own, they decide to team up and try to find some information. After much threatening and screaming, they end up shoving pepper up a shopkeeper’s nose and threatening to kill him. The duo leave the shopkeeper and continue on their way. They learn that there is a suspicious warehouse and they head off to investigate. Once there they snoop around and Thorn discovers that this warehouse is transporting arms in crates disguised as merchant goods. Thorn asks for a job and the warehouse offers him a job transporting crates. Wyatt decides to follow him around while he makes his deliveries. When Thorn has to deliver the crate with the arms he decides to go into the house and see what he can find. He discovers a bedroom with the lady of the house in it and after being frustrated with the lack of information, kills the woman. He then decides to go upstairs and hide in a closet. After a while, Wyatt gets bored of waiting for Thorn and decides to go look for him and learns he went inside. Once in there he finds Thorn and then heads back outside to wait. After a bit, Thorn hears a scream and runs downstairs where he sees the maid and some workers talking to a well dressed man. It seems they discovered a blood smear left by Thorn’s murder. Thorn then launches himself at the man and demands he tell him what he knows about the resistance. The man says he doesn’t know anything and Thorn bashes his face in with his shield. The workers then try to restrain him to no avail. They are all knocked out and one gets his throat ripped out. Thorn drags the well dressed man to the kitchen where he stumbles upon two cooks. They both brandish knives and demand that Aaron let the man go. Thorn drops the man and smashes both of the cooks with his shield. He then begins to try to revive the man and eventually he learns that the man was creating a cache of weapons for the resistance. Aaron then rips out the mans throat and stalks out of the kitchen. Wyatt is standing there keeping all of the other workers back and Thorn suggests they cut their way through when a group of Nardian soldiers arrives and tells Thorn and Wyatt they are needed at the citadel right away. They decide to go quietly and once there they discover that there is going to be a meeting of the resistance leaders and that they are needed to help capture these men.

Haha, really? You guys did all that? And that insane bard thought I was unstable? Hahaha—Ranulf

The end of the Resistance

The meeting is at midnight and patrols of guards begin setting up their positions as to cut off any escape route. The party and the soldiers with them rush in and with Ranulf’s magic surrounds the men without any difficulties. They escort the men back and rest for the night for there will surely be more adventures in the coming day.


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