Some say Galcion arose from the ashes of the Melok. There is a story that the Melok leader, Antoine, fled and eventually found his way over the mountains and lived among the peoples of the east. Here he gathered the remnants of his people and began to construct an empire of the eastern people and his own people. Soon they became known as the Galcions. Whether this story is true or not is really irrelevant. Few people were around to keep track of these things and Narda was in no position to spy on its neighbors. It is possible that Antoine formed the Galcion Empire; however, it’s also possible that the eastern peoples formed it from their own desire for security. Either way, the Galcion Empire and Narda are almost always in a constant state of conflict. Few know the causes for these battles and mostly they are just simple border skirmishes. This time Narda seems bent on the ending of this conflict in whatever matter is needed. It is rumored that Galcion tried to spread an evil throughout the capital city of Narda which some say is the cause for this war. Whatever the reason, these countries are at war and it seems like it may be the final one.

Places visited:


Pass of Hadod

Fort Gundab


The Caves


War in Etlain Matthewneff