War in Etlain

Here's where it gets kinda crazy.

With the Count captured, the Commander tells our group that he has another task for them if they are willing. He tells them that he needs their help in determining who is running the resistance group within the city. They got wind of this organization when they discovered some soldiers hiding their armor in a hidden cache. The soldiers tried to hide the cache and claim they were citizens; however, the Nardians caught them in time. They have also heard rumors of many of these caches all around the city. The Commander wants our group to find these areas as well as any information that could lead to the capture of the resistance leader and any commanders. Our group agrees to do this and they set off into the city. Ranulf goes off and meanders around town until he overhears a conversation about a resistance safe house. Ranulf decides to go and check it out. Sam is also meandering around town with Murph, when they stumble upon a man in the market place with the most amazing blue and purple swirled pants that Sam has ever seen. She instantly desires them and begins to try to sneak over towards the man. Unfortunately, she is trying to sneak up at him in broad daylight and he sees her. That doesn’t stop Sam though and she defiantly starts to unzip the man’s pants in order to try and take them off of him. Upon seeing Sam unzipping his pants, the man promptly knees Sam right in the face. Sam reels backwards and stumbles off into the crowd. She learned that day that she must choose when to steal stuff at a more suitable time. Meanwhile, Murph finds a possible lead and goes back to find Sam so they can both trail their suspect. Ranulf has been messing with the people in the safe house and utterly infuriating them by making knocking sounds at the door and not having anyone there. Eventually he speaks with the man inside and persuades him to let him join the resistance. Sam and Murph follow a local blacksmith who is rumored to be a commander of the resistance. He goes to a manufacturing area where there are several other leaders. They discuss how to move supplies around and how to get word out to the Galcion army in hopes of coordinating an attack with them. The leaders disperse and Sam follows the blacksmith while Murph follows another leader. Ranulf has been tasked with doing odd jobs for the resistance to prove his loyalty.

Where is that little man hiding?

With the room cleared the group begins searching for any sign of the Count. They search every room to no avail and it seems like they are not going to find him. However, Ranulf finds a secret lever that moves the throne forward and exposes a staircase going down. They follow the staircase and come to another set of stairs that winds up and up and up. They follow it to the top where they see a hallway with doors leading off to the side. They quietly walk down they hallway, making sure to secure the doors as they go because for some reason, they thought that there would be an ambush or a trap. As they round the first corner they see that the hallway continues and then turns to the right. The continue down until they hear voices. It sounds like a group of men are talking but they can’t really understand what they are saying. The group closes in to get a view of the room. In it they see a group of men in black armor and a man that is dressed in normal clothing. The men are discussing the best plan of escape, so Edrena and Ranulf decide to bind them with their spells. Everyone closes in, in the event that the spells fail in order to stop these men from escaping. Ranulf and Edrena round the corner at the same time and cast their spells. The entire group is completely trapped. The others rush into the room and secure it. Felix takes a look at the man in plains clothes and realizes that this is the count. They have achieved their goal.

Also, the count had a creepy obsession with women’s underwear. Perv. —Ranulf

Let's just hurry up and finish this already.

Everyone has grouped up at the gate and are waiting for the final push. Soon the gates will be broken open and the defenders will be swept aside. In the meantime, Ranulf amuses himself by forcing the Galcion defenders to jump off the walls to their grisly deaths. The doors are broken open and Edrena casts a spell that causes an explosion that rocks the gatehouse and kills/disorients the guards. With the door open, the Nardian army pours into the citadel yard. Our group follows suit and heads directly for the citadel doors. A group of soldiers has formed a shield wall and is attempting to block entry to the citadel. Ranulf casts a fireball and begins trying to burn the soldiers to death. Seefus decided to tag a long with the group and slashes through one soldier. The Warforged bashes the head in of one soldier and Sam shoots another in the eye. The soldiers are quickly dispatched and the group heads into the citadel. The group regroups inside the door and we see another group of soldiers lining up in another shield wall. Little do the know about the power of wizards and that we have two of them right now. The group races towards the soldiers which turns out to be a good thing because shortly after everyone rushes forward, burning oil falls right onto the doorway. As the Nardians gain ground, Ranulf and Edrena begin to root and burn the soldiers in front of us. Their leader tries valiantly to hold his men together and to protect his position but to no avail. He falls from another of Sam’s arrows as she fires off shot after shot. Both sides clash and soldiers fall on both sides. The numbers are not with the Galcions and the begin to fall, one by one. Seefus shows just how he became a champion as he slashes on soldier and uses his awesome jaw strength to rip through another. Eventually the room falls silent and now the search is on for the Count.

Ouch! You just got POWNED!

For this section, we were joined by two new members, Murph and Sam, and we lost two members temporarily, Jonathan and Wyatt. Murph and Sam enter as two new mercenaries that the group has yet to meet. Wyatt gets hit on the head by falling debris and has to be taken off of the battlefield. Jonathan is hiding somewhere and now one can find him. Ranulf and Company continue with the soldiers to the citadel, fighting some soldiers as they try to hold the Nardians long enough to fortify the citadel. Murph decides that it would save time if he ran through a house instead of running around it and whips open the door. He gets stabbed by someone hiding in the doorway and falls over screaming. He gets up and begins to run away but later decides that he must avenge his injury. He runs back to the door and runs right in and promptly gets shot. He darts inside and then sneaks over to a door leading to a room further inside the house. He cracks it open and spies a boy that looks to be sixteen or seventeen reading another bolt in his crossbow. Murph jumps in and stabs the unsuspecting boy. He crumples to the ground. As he is falling, two bodies fall from the sky and begin trying to stab Murph as he dodges and deflects the blows. Two twins that are very young are wielding daggers and howling about Murph killing their brother. Murph twists and turns slicing one child and then the next. The ceiling above Murph crashes in and a man and a woman jump down and scream battle cries. Murph quickly rushes over and stabs the man, fatally wounding him. The woman fires some odd invention that ends up blowing a fairly large hole in the wall of the kitchen. Murph finishes off the man and races at the woman, dodging the projectiles she is shooting at him. He reaches her and makes one good, deep cut. She crumbles to the floor and there is silence in the house. It seems that he has just murdered an entire family of fighters and he sighs in relief that he is still alive. Suddenly, he smells a horribly awful smell. He turns and sees a very small lady. She slowly croaks “You have killed my family. For that you must die.” With that she springs forward and slashes at Murph’s face. He dodges and readies himself. She throws some sort of bomb at Murph that spews a horrible stench out almost knocking Murph out. He narrowly avoids the old woman’s cane-sword, which is remarkable because this old woman is extremely agile. Murph decides he must end this fight and buries his dagger into the old woman’s back.

At the end of our session we tallied up what everyone had killed/accomplished…sadly all Murph did was murder an entire family.

What in the name of all that is good and holy are you doing?

While Wyatt and the Warforged are opening the gate, Ranulf has been off with the town guard. His unit has been called in to try to help put out the fires ironically and he waits for his chance to strike. As his unit arrives at the scene, they decide to send a few men to get water while the others try to help evacuate civilians. In the end, this doesn’t matter because in the middle of their good deeds, the Nardian army arrives. Ranulf quickly takes off his uniform and replaces it with his old clothes. In the smoke and haze no one can see very clearly what is going on. As Ranulf’s unit continues to stumble forward into the haze they run into the Wyatt and the forerunners of the invaders. They begin hacking through the town guard and they are soon hard pressed. To make matters worse for them, Ranulf casts a tower of lightning that cuts off their avenue of escape. They are soon wiped out as the Nardians continue their stampede to the citadel.

Did you just join the town guard?

The group is now on their way to the north gate after setting fire to part of the town. They manage to reach the gate without any mishaps. Once there, they try to figure out how to get into the gate house and open it. Ranulf decides to cast a spell on a guard on the wall which results in him jumping off the wall, dieing instantaneously the guards around him and try to figure out what is going on. It seems that Ranulf’s plan was absolutely no help. Ranulf then decides he’s going to sneak around while the party figures out what they are going to do. While sneaking, he runs into the commander of the forces guarding the gate. The commander asks him what he’s doing and Ranulf replies that he is ” going to sign up for the guard.” The commander congratulates him and Ranulf heads in to the the command post to sign up. Wyatt and the Warforged (No one except Wyatt knows his name) decide that they are going to try to distract some of the guards away from the gatehouse and then rush in to take it unawares. They decide to light the surrounding buildings on fire except for the inn that is run by Seefus. The Warforged and Seefus have been talking while the adventurers planned their course of action in one of Seefus’s guest rooms and have struck up a budding friendship. Wyatt summons the Warforged up to the room so they can begin their distraction tactic. Wyatt gets onto the roof via the window in the room and jumps across to the roof of the command post. Jonathan has run outside and is waiting until he sees flames before he lights the building to the left of the command post. Wyatt lights the thatched roof on fire and Jonathan follows suit. Seeing the signal the Warforged jumps out of the window and begins setting the market stalls next to the inn on fire with his flamethrower. Now, we must first explain the flamethrower because it is most ingenious of him to develop it. He has built into his chest cavity a pump that he constantly fills up with alcohol. Then whenever he needs to he starts the pump which pushes alcohol out through a hose and then sprays it while lighting it via sparks from a flint that he has built into his arm. The flames only last for as long as he has alcohol and luckily he has been drinking all night. Now that the fires are raging quite nicely, several of the guards leave their posts to try to find water to stop the fire from spreading. Unfortunately, the room of the command post has started to cave in and most of the command dies. The Warforged turns to go and join up with Wyatt and runs into a group of soldiers coming to try to stop the fires, unfortunately for them, he torches them all with his flamethrower and begins running towards the guard tower. Wyatt reaches the door first and charges in. No one is on the ground floor and so he charges up the ladder. The Warforged makes it to the door and follows Wyatt up the ladder. There they see two doors and Wyatt runs into the gatehouse and charges a guard. The Warforged runs to the door that leads to the walls and slams it shut and bars it. Meanwhile, Wyatt is slaughtering the bewildered guards. The Warforged finishes barring the trapdoor leading to the ground floor and runs into the room with Wyatt. Jonathan was tasked with unlatching the gate and now has run off and hidden away from the burning buildings. While Wyatt fends off two guards that are trying to force their way into the gatehouse, the Warforged cranks open the gate. When it is open he runs up the final ladder and emerges on the top of the gatehouse where he spies two guards looking at the fires raging behind them. The Warforged sprints over and skewers one guard and then rams the other guard off the top. The flare is sent into the night sky and the Nardian army begins charging in. Wyatt has killed the two guards and now has barred the door shut. They begin descending down to the ground as the Nardian army begins to pour in through the open gate and washes away any resistance.

Assault on the city?

The army of Narda has arrived at their target and have begun their siege. The city is caught unawares giving the Nardian army the advantage. The commander calls our group of mercenaries to his tent. He tells them that they are going to assault the walls in the coming weeks. He said they could not hold a long siege because reinforcements could come and they would be hard pressed for supplies if this happened. The battle plan is to assault the walls under the cover of dark and accompanied by a barrage from their artillery to keep defenders of the walls. However, the city has very sturdy defenses and it is likely that some of the gates will be death traps. There are four gates and all will be assaulted at the same time. After that, the push will be focused on the citadel which must be breached to complete the capture of this strategic location. A count leads these men and must be captured alive if at all possible. However, it is more important that he not escape. After hearing this plan, Wyatt suggests a different plan of action. His plan is to hold onto Ranulf and Jonathan while being flung over the walls by a catapult. Ranulf will then use feather fall to slow their descent and land in the city where they hopefully don’t get hit by artillery fire. They will then make their way through the city and open a gate to give the Nardian’s a foothold. The commander thinks about it and decides to give this plan a try. Wyatt, Ranulf, and Jonathan get ready and soon are fired into the city via a catapult. They narrowly avoid the walls and manage to land in the poor district of town. They must then find their way to a gate and figure out how to open it.

The begining

Our group of mercenaries has been enlisted to help the Nardian army in their fight against Galcion. They began their march only to find that there was a small camp of Galcions in the middle of no where. Fearing detection, the commander orders the camp be attacked and wiped out. The battle begins and the Galcions are wiped out. There is a mage that is accompanying the group that unfortunately was not taken alive for questioning. However, a map was found along with a letter stating the orders of these men. Unfortunately, the Nardian command can not decipher the meaning of the letter and there are no clear markings on the map as to the Galcion’s destination.


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