No one except Wyatt knows his name...


The Warforged met Wyatt in a bar one night. They struck up a conversation and they soon learned they had the same passion, fighting. Wyatt offered the Warforged a chance at earning some money and he decided to tag a long for some fun and cash. Little did he know that the fighting would ensue that night, for the invasion was coming and he was to help make their job easier. The Warforged didn’t mind though because he was always ready for battle to start, it comes from the years of being a gladiator and a professional soldier.


The Warforged wields two broadswords and has a giant war-hammer that he has on his back. He uses the war-hammer against larger foes and sometimes will use it in battle for a change of pace.

The Warforged has made a modification that makes him much different than most Warforged. He has installed a container for alcohol in his chest. The alcohol then gets pumped through a hose that runs through the Warforged’s arm and is sprayed out across a flame in his arm. The result is a flamethrower that has a continuous spray for 1 minute, depending on how full the tank is.


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