A rather careless and thoughtless wizard intern.

Ranulf’s Past

Having just recently finished up a semester’s unpaid internship with a necromancer, Ranulf found himself in dire need of some income. Not that robbing the dead doesn’t pay, it just doesn’t look good on a resume having spent jail time for spell abuse when applying for admission to post-grad institute. In the end Ranulf decided doing some mercing was a good way to earn cash without being given a hassle for whatever methods he feels the need to employ. After all, isn’t a skull a skull? It isn’t like death is permanent, or that bodies are sacred things. All it takes is a brief chant to separate a life from a body, or a body from its skin, or its bones from the guts of another fleshy thing…

“Hrmmm.. Maybe that internship has jaded me some…”

Ranulf’s Journal

After Brooming Barum’s Buddies

Well, this has been an eventful two days! I must say that my initial perception of Zi Zuu was off by quite a bit. At first he seemed to be a bit of an uppity squawker in need of some clipped wings, but now he seems to be a fun companion—at least much more of one than that Ilk fellow. I need to do some cross-referencing on CHOPPA DEWS though… Either way, there’s something funny about that guy moon walking while detonating undead with sonic blasts.

After taking the mountain keep

At this rate the invasion won’t last much longer. It was nice seeing Ilk back even if he seems somewhat upset by seeing me again. There was someone with him, but we didn’t really talk. He had an interesting bone structure, and I’d like to see what he looks like with all that metal and flesh peeled back… Ah-well, it’s best not to perform vivisections on co-workers. Employees? Maybe. HAHA, oh man, guess Gilbert really rubbed off on me more than I realized. I guess I’m still confused about what I found in the first camp.. It sounded like there was something I could use, but all it was was garbage! Ah-well, I almost have enough saved up for getting Adreena to enchant for me a Staff of Expansion.. Then I’ll just need to track down or purchase the tomes I’ll need for next semester.


War in Etlain Kidrik