War in Etlain

Where did all of these zombies come from?

Our group gets up and decide to try to figure out where the zombies came from. They question the people in the house and deduce that they most likely came from the mines. They set out to talk to the foreman of the mine to see if he could offer any insight into this mess. They arrive at the mining headquarters and are issued in. They question the foreman and discover almost exactly the same information out that they did from the citizens. The foreman; however, stated that no one made it out of the mine from the initial attack. Our adventurers head into the cave and begin their search for these monstrosities. They search in the central mining shaft but find no evidence of the zombies. They decide to head into the cave system and follow a path that they had not previously explored. They follow zombie tracks to what seems like a dead end. After much discussion of the next course of action, Ranulf casts unlock on the door and it rolls open. They enter and head down the tunnel to the left. They come across a small group of zombies which they proceed to dispatch. They then decide to continue along the path and before them they see a decently large cavern. They see two people in robes sitting at a table. They are too far away for them to hear what they are saying. Zi Zuu rushes into the room and challenges the two in the robes. They begin exchanging thunder and necrotic energy. Ranulf and the rest rush in right as two zombies stand up in the room. Vickli smashes into one zombie and the Warforged and Ranulf rush to aid Zi Zuu, who has taken quite a bit of damage. Ranulf knocks one of the robed figures to the ground and Zi Zuu continues to fight with the other. The Warforged and Vickli keep the zombies at bay while the casters duke it out. Finally, the two people in robes fall to the ground and with them, the zombies crash to the ground. Our group mends their wounds and dons the robes of the men they just fought. They then proceed into the next room where they can hear someone talking. They see a group of men in the robes looking at another man in robes who is standing in front of an altar and addressing the men in front of him. Our group rushes in and a large cloud of “stank”, as Ranulf describes it, descends on the men. Zi Zuu shoots lighting and wind at them and Vickli and the Warforged bellow and rush in. Within seconds, most of the men in robes now lie dead. The leader is covered by the cloud and he vanishes from site. After a while, Ranulf and the others wonder where he is. Eventually they realize that the cloud was covering a trapdoor behind the altar. They head down it and find another tunnel heading off. They head down it and once again, come to a large room. They enter it and spy a door to their left and they head to it. They open the door and as they do, they are ambushed from the shadows. A zone of necrotic energy appears under the Warforged and Vickli which makes them unable to move. Zi Zuu and Ranulf attempt to shoot the robed man but barely graze him as he dodges into the smoke being emitted by vents in the floor. Much lighting and necrotic energy raced around that room, while Ranulf continually tried to limit the robed man’s movement. Vickli continued to be stuck in the zone but the Warforged managed to break free and raced towards the leader. Before the leader could slip into the smoke, the Warforged let out a bellow and brought his hammer down on the leaders head. He fell with a crash and the steam began to dissipate.



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