War in Etlain

We could have finished this an hour ago.

You are the WORST agent ever.

Ranulf has finished helping move supplies for the resistance and now is tasked with delivering a letter. Ranulf sets off and halfway there he opens the letter and reads it. He then makes a copy of the letter and seals the letter back up. He then continues to the market place to try and deliver the letter. Unfortunately, Ranulf forgets part of the instructions and ends up just irritating the shopkeeper he is supposed to deliver the letter to. Ranulf is forced to return to his boss where he is soundly scolded and told the instructions once again. He returns to the shop and fulfills his duty. Once done, he returns to the citadel.

I’m a Lawful Good Paladin.

Meanwhile, Thorn and Wyatt have been out scouring the streets. After wandering around on their own, they decide to team up and try to find some information. After much threatening and screaming, they end up shoving pepper up a shopkeeper’s nose and threatening to kill him. The duo leave the shopkeeper and continue on their way. They learn that there is a suspicious warehouse and they head off to investigate. Once there they snoop around and Thorn discovers that this warehouse is transporting arms in crates disguised as merchant goods. Thorn asks for a job and the warehouse offers him a job transporting crates. Wyatt decides to follow him around while he makes his deliveries. When Thorn has to deliver the crate with the arms he decides to go into the house and see what he can find. He discovers a bedroom with the lady of the house in it and after being frustrated with the lack of information, kills the woman. He then decides to go upstairs and hide in a closet. After a while, Wyatt gets bored of waiting for Thorn and decides to go look for him and learns he went inside. Once in there he finds Thorn and then heads back outside to wait. After a bit, Thorn hears a scream and runs downstairs where he sees the maid and some workers talking to a well dressed man. It seems they discovered a blood smear left by Thorn’s murder. Thorn then launches himself at the man and demands he tell him what he knows about the resistance. The man says he doesn’t know anything and Thorn bashes his face in with his shield. The workers then try to restrain him to no avail. They are all knocked out and one gets his throat ripped out. Thorn drags the well dressed man to the kitchen where he stumbles upon two cooks. They both brandish knives and demand that Aaron let the man go. Thorn drops the man and smashes both of the cooks with his shield. He then begins to try to revive the man and eventually he learns that the man was creating a cache of weapons for the resistance. Aaron then rips out the mans throat and stalks out of the kitchen. Wyatt is standing there keeping all of the other workers back and Thorn suggests they cut their way through when a group of Nardian soldiers arrives and tells Thorn and Wyatt they are needed at the citadel right away. They decide to go quietly and once there they discover that there is going to be a meeting of the resistance leaders and that they are needed to help capture these men.

Haha, really? You guys did all that? And that insane bard thought I was unstable? Hahaha—Ranulf

The end of the Resistance

The meeting is at midnight and patrols of guards begin setting up their positions as to cut off any escape route. The party and the soldiers with them rush in and with Ranulf’s magic surrounds the men without any difficulties. They escort the men back and rest for the night for there will surely be more adventures in the coming day.



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