War in Etlain

Under the Mountains and Through the Mines, to Drummar We Go

As our group enters the cave, they are forced to decide which path they will take. Now, you must keep in mind that I, as the DM, expected them to go exploring since that is their usual reaction when they enter a new area. Which is why I was surprised when they decided to take the longest path but the one that didn’t have any passages that ran off of it. They continued down this path and entered into the mine through the far right passage. As they enter they can see that this mine is enormous. They cannot see the other side or even see the bottom of the central mine shaft. They follow a wooden deck that leads away to their left. It ends as the central shaft continues around to their right. Judging from what they have seen, the central shaft is somewhat square in shape. Zi Zuu sets a torch on the wooden planks in the hopes that it will catch on fire. He ends up leaving it there and it slowly but surely sets the planking on fire. The group turns to their right and follows the path along the edge of the shaft or as we called it, the pit. They continue walking for quite a while when they are suddenly ambushed from the shadows. A small skirmish ensues and by the end, and seven miners lay on the ground dead. The group searches the bodies but doesn’t find anything of interest; however, Ranulf takes a whip that one of the men was carrying. Once more, they trudge along looking for a way out of the mine. They follow the path and they eventually see a tunnel leading off of the mine which they follow out and come to an opening of the mine. Before them lies a small amount of flat land which leads to the city. They decide to go and explore the city in hopes that they will find either information or loot.



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