War in Etlain

Out the Window and Onto the Roof

Zi Zuu leaps out the window and lands in the middle of the street. He looks around for any sign of the girl. Unfortunately, Zi Zuu sees no sign of the girl and sees one too many zombies coming towards him. Inside the house, Ranulf and Vickli hear noises above them on the roof. Ranulf shouts down to Zi Zuu that the girl might be on the roof. Zi Zuu leaps up and lands on top of the roof, where he sees two zombies hunched over a shape. Ranulf asks the Warforged if he could give him a boost up to the roof. Once up there he rushes over to help Zi Zuu deal with the zombies. The Warforged climbs up after the casters and rushes over right as both zombies fall to their crunchy deaths. The girl is safe and the Warforged picks up the girl and climbs back in through the window. Our adventurers decide to stake it out in the house for the night and they settle into a slumber.



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