War in Etlain

My oh my...

Our group has defeated the man in robes and begins to search the premises. Ranulf finds the leaders room and looks under his bed whereupon a hand jumps out on to his face. Zi Zuu attempts to shoot the hand and instead shoots Ranulf in the face. Cunning Jack calls to the hand and it jumps onto his arm. Cunning Jack was captured by the cultists and has now decided to join our group of adventurers. The group finishes up looking for loot and information and heads on out of the cave. They decide to go talk to the Count of Drummar and head back to Drummar. Once there they talk to the mine foreman who suggests they talk to the Count. Our group arrives in the Count’s throne room. There, they are questioned by the count and all seems like it is going well until the Count recognizes Ranulf as the man who broke into the house the other night. The count orders them to be thrown into prizon. Zi zuu instantly casts a whirlwind and Ranulf calls hands of the dead to restrain his foes. Cunning Jack blasts the Count so he falls unconscious and Vickli rushes forward to grab the Count. They tell the soldiers to stand down and they slowly back away. The Warforged bars the door. Ranulf decides to take the count to his room and has the guards lead them there. Once there, Vickli lays the Count on the bed. Ranulf tells the guard to call for the physician. They wait until he gets there. He checks on the Count and he seems to be okay. Cunning Jack and Ranulf use ghost sounds to make it sound like the Count is releasing them rather than putting them in the dungeon. They are put in a hotel to wait until the Count is recovered. Of course, our group is going to break out of the hotel because they are PC’s. The poor NPC’s will never be able to keep them locked up. Anyway, our group heads out of the town and reach the entrance of The Caves. Just a few more steps and they will arrive safe in Fort Gundab. As they approach the fort, they see figures on the walls that they can’t make out. As they approach, they hear sounds that are obviously not human. What has happened to the fort? What will our heroes do? Find out NEXT TIME!



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