War in Etlain

Into the Deeps

At the fort, Ranulf finds a map that seems to detail a way to get from the fort to Drummar by way of caves. He also found some papers detailing troop numbers and supplies in the fort. He then was directed to a building that turned out to be the forts jail. He talks with a halfling named Brufus O’Clairey who is being jailed for being a thief. Ranulf decides to give Brufus a lockpick to see if he really is good at getting out of sticky situations. Also, there was a dwarf in jail. Ranulf attempts to speak with the dwarf to no avail. It seems the dwarf was not too happy about being jailed and didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Ranulf decides to leave the dwarf and heads back to talk to Commander Curly, who is in charge of restoring the fort, and then heads back to Pancia to talk to Felix. Once there, he discusses the events that have happened and Felix tells him that he needs him to go to the cave system and scout it out. He also informs him that he will be joined by a sorcerer named Zi Zuu and his dwarf partner Vickli. Felix says that they weren’t sure where Vickli was, they heard rumors that he had been captured and imprisoned in Fort Gundab. He asks Ranulf if he saw Vickli in the fort and Ranulf states that he had. With his mission acquired, Ranulf and Zi Zuu head back to the fort. There they see Vickli and the Warforged talking. Ranulf asks the Warforged if he wants to join him and he says, “Might as well, got nothin’ better to do.” Together, our group heads out and enters into the caves. Who knows what they will encounter in these dark depths. It will likely be…MINERS!!! Dunh dunh DUNH!



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