War in Etlain

Goblins and Hobgoblins and Gnolls, Oh My!

Ranulf calls out to the Fort, only to have more arrows fly out of the dark. Our group rushes in and Zi Zuu and Ranulf fly up to the wall. There, they begin to shoot the gnolls on the wall. Vickli, Cunning Jack, and the Warforged rush in through the gate. Jack hands the Warforged a bomb which he promptly throws into a large bonfire. The fire explodes covering the gnolls around it in fire. Vickli and the Warforged rush forward to engage to gnolls that have noticed them. Jack blasts any bit of gnoll that he can see while teleporting here and there. After a while, the last gnoll falls and they continue on around to the front side of the fort. They can hear what sounds like battle on the other side of the citadel. Our group sees the biggest bonfire yet and a large group of gnolls in a frenzy around it. Once again, Zi Zuu and Ranulf cause utter chaos in the ranks of the gnolls. The Warforged chucks another bomb into the fire sending flames and embers everywhere. The majority of the gnolls are caught in the fire and cannot find their way out. Vickli rushes in and smashes any gnolls that has climbed out of the fire back in with his shield. The largest gnoll rushes forward swinging his two-headed flail. He comes in swinging and nearly crushes Ranulf with one of the heads. The Warforged crashes into the gnoll and slashes him with his sword. The two continue battling it out while Zi Zuu, Ranulf and Jack take pot shots at the gnoll. Vickli is still smashes gnolls back into the fire. Eventually, the giant gnoll is brought down. Our group goes to see what is happening on the other side of the citadel to find that the last few gnolls are being killed by the Nardian garrison. Ranulf talks with the commander and then the group heads to Felix to tell him what has happened. After being detailed, Felix tells them the new mission and our group prepares to head back to the caves.



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