War in Etlain

Evil Walks Again

As our adventurers rush back towards the mine, they see through the dense fog shapes moving towards them. Fearing contact with anyone from the town, they change direction and go down one more block. Oddly, they see shapes that are very similar to the ones they just saw previously. Zi Zuu tells Ranulf to make a copy of the map and the group prepares to meet the shapes. As they grow closer, the shapes become more visible to the horror of our adventurers for the shapes are zombies. These shambling masses continue forward as Zi Zuu sends lighting shooting amongst them. Ranulf finishes copying the map and the group charges into the zombies bowling them over left and right. They continue on and Ranulf runs ahead into the intersection. Suddenly he is hit by a shape that has swooped down out of the fog. Ranulf is almost knocked over as a zombie continues to try to tear the flesh from Ranulf’s bones. Vickli and the Warforged rush in and bash the zombie away from Ranulf. The zombie flaps its wings and flies into the fog and disappears. The adventurers decide to find a house to stay in for the night. They find a two story house and enter it. They find the downstairs has been ransacked and shuffling coming from upstairs. The group heads upstairs and begin searching rooms for anyone left in the house. They have the Warforged smash the stairs so nothing can follow them up. They kill three zombies they find in two of the rooms and continue to the next. Zi Zuu opens a door and sees two zombies, he then opens the door across the hall and kills the zombie in that room. However, he was not very efficient in the killing and alerted the zombies in the other room with the open door. Vickli was the unlucky person that happened to be in the doorway preparing to attack the zombies. They rush him and he keeps his shield up and prepares to strike back. Ranulf and Vickli kill one zombie and two more burst out of the rooms down the hall and the Warforged charges at them. Ranulf focuses on one of the zombies down the hall and Zi Zuu continues launching lightning at them. Vickli takes two hits in a row and is stunned. Ranulf and Zi Zuu immediately begin to focus on the zombie attacking Vickli. They manage to kill it before it can kill Vickli. They continue attacking the other zombies and Vickli charges into a zombie and smashes it out the window with his shield. Ranulf and the Warforged dismember the final zombie. During the fight Zi Zuu opens a door and finds the last survivors of the house. He told them to stay in the room until they cleared the house. Two of the survivors rush out of the room frantic. Zombies had grabbed Adrena from the window and flew off.



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