War in Etlain

Do You Have to Steal From Every House You See?

Our “heroic” group of adventurers had successfully entered the city of Drummar and stalked the empty streets. They searched for a house that looked like it would have lots of loot in it and after a while, they came across what looked like a likely target. Zi Zuu and Ranulf leaped over the hedge wall and Zi Zuu opened the gate for Vickli and the Warforged. Ranulf unlocked the door and he and Zi Zuu entered the house while Vickli and the Warforged stood guard outside. Inside, they found the household silver and they stuffed as much of it as they could in their pockets and put the rest on the table to give the Warforged to carry. They then continued upstairs and searched some more rooms discovering the child’s room as well as the parents’ room. Zi Zuu collected a map of the city and then headed back outside to wait for Ranulf. Unfortunately, Ranulf had thought up a “brilliant” plan that included kidnapping the child for ransom. To do this, he decided he needed to tie up the parents and began to place rope over them in the hopes of tying them to their bed. However, as he is not the most stealthy of wizards he jarred their bed as he crawled underneath it with the rope. Upon being woken up, the husband attempted to punch Ranulf but couldn’t quite reach him. Ranulf tried to reason with the man and claim that he was a “Supernatural Investigator” that had tracked a poltergeist to his home. Oddly, this stunt failsed to work much to Ranulf’s dismay. The man rushed out of the room and Ranulf climbed out from under the bed. He ran into the hallway to look for the man to no avail. As he passed the child’s room he heard the mother calming her child and had a horrible idea. A wickedly, awfully, horrible idea. He sprang into the room and prepared to hold the wife and child hostage. Unfortunately Ranulf acted too slowly, and the husband returned wielding a sword and attempting to separate Ranulf’s head from his shoulders. Luckily for Ranulf, this man was clumsy with a blade and missed him while burying the sword deep into the wood. Once again, the statistics are not with Ranulf and upon attempting to jump out the window he stumbles and falls on the floor. Fortunately, Ranulf uses the brief moment granted by the still struggle man to freezes both the man and woman to the floor and jump out of the window. Fearing injury, he cast feather fall and then headed over to the rest of the group who had been wondering just what Ranulf had gotten himself into this time. As they viewed him falling from the second floor after crashing through a window the decision to beat a hasty retreat was quickly made. They all agreed to head back to the mines for safety, but will the mines actually provide the safety that they seek?



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