War in Etlain

Can we kill stuff now?

With the resistance cowed from the capture of its leaders, the group is sent on another task of greater importance. They are instructed to take a force and take a fort that guards the pass of Hadod as well as the mining city of Drummar. If they can capture this fort then it will allow for safer transportation of supplies and troops. Also it will allow the Nardians to assault Drummar which is the primary source of metal for the Galcion army. With this city under Narda’s control, Galcion will be hard pressed to continue the fight. Our group gathers their supplies and heads out with a contingent of troops. Once they arrive, they realize why this fort is going to be difficult to assault. It is in the mountains and has a winding path which maximizes the distance that the archers can shoot at any invaders. The walls are thirty feet high and the fort is surrounded by rock walls. Wyatt and Ranulf decide to go do some exploring and Ranulf ends up finding nothing. Wyatt discovers a ledge and suggests feather falling into the fort again and then opening up the gate for the army. Ranulf and Aaron agree and they inform their army of their plan. With all of their plans ready, the group sets up the mountain. They reach the ledge and group up. Wyatt picks them all up and leaps of the edge. Ranulf casts a fireball in the middle of a large building complex and then casts feather fall. They land safely inside the fort as all havoc has broken loose. Soldiers are trying to put out the fire that is quickly spreading and at first don’t notice our group. They begin to notice the intruder when Ranulf lures some of the men to jump off the wall to their deaths. Wyatt charges up the wall and continues barreling towards the panicked guards. Ranulf follows him up and continues to trick men into jumping to their deaths. Wyatt reaches the first guard and charges into him, bowling him over and knocking him of the wall. They continue doing this until they finally reach the gate. Meanwhile, Thorn has been keeping two soldiers busy that were trying to get to the wall stairs. Ranulf and Wyatt open the gate and soon hundreds of troops are pouring in behind the Warforged. The guards clash with the invaders and many lives are lost. The Warforged slices through guard after guard as Wyatt and Ranulf continue to wreak havoc upon the enemy. Thorn continues to hold off a small group of soldiers by himself and only leaves when he has to go heal Wyatt, who took several arrows to the torso. Through much struggle, the invaders finish off the last of the guards. They have taken the fort.

After the battle has subsided, Thorn declares his intent to leave our group because he feels that he is not being payed enough. The group bids him fair well and they all breathe a sigh of relief that the crazy murderous paladin has left.



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